Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Dated November 7, 1970 picturing Gilbert Perreault.
Around this era, Toronto issued game programs that were more like team guides of whomever was the oppositin that evening. There was really nothing inside the program in the way of articles or current statistics, only a player-by-player guide of the opposition that evening.
The back cover of the program picturing ex-Leaf coach Punch Imlach and his newly created Buffalo Sabres.


  1. Refer to my other post about the 1971-72 season.

    1970-71 also used the team roster magazines. They could also be ordered by mail.

    The 'Maple Leaf Gardens Magazine' for that season was a white Leaf on a blue background, looking like the blue sweaters. There was only six issues of the magazine which changed as the season progressed to match what was happening with the Leafs & league.

    Inside of these magazines was a 20 page insert that was specific to each game. You could buy the opposing team magazine with the Maple Leaf magazine PLUS the insert. Somebody attending numerous games would wind up with duplicates of the blue magazine. It may have been a nightmare for the program sellers as well, which may be why things were simplified the next season.

    There would have been 39 of the inserts for the 39 home games at MLG. I'm not sure what happened for the 3 playoff games at home against the Rangers. Still looking for those...

  2. Players depicted in Sabres locker roomphoto from left to right with PUNCH IMLACH are - DON MARSHALL - PHIL GOYETTE - ROGER CROZIER and REGGIE FLEMING.

    In the initial program cover photo above that one, GILBERT PERREAULT is depicted with Rangers goalie GILLES VILLMURE.